Prepare your mind to be exploded as we take a look at the 2001 American romantic musical drama film starring R&B singer/songwriter Mariah Carey known as Glitter. Paul goes through some Corrections and Omissions for Staying Alive, decided is Nicolas Cage would have made Staying Alive better, and talks about Tom Cruise, Email Inspirational Quotes, and Taylor Swift during another edition of Love It, Hate It, Love To Hate It. Plus, Paul answers your Qs about Travolta Turing tests, Yoda poop, and the perfect birthday present.

Los Angeles: The LIVE HDTGM at Largo shows on Saturday, September 20th will be a night we call, You Can Sing But Can You Act? with Mariah Carey’s Glitter at 8pm and Miley Cyrus’ LOL at 10pm.

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  • Jason: He turns down a three way with two new wave girls.
  • Katie: Yes!
  • Jason: I was like, "whoa, whoa, whoa guy, when two new wave girls are like, 'we want to take you home tonight,' you go home with the two new wave girls!
  • ...
  • Paul: But look, he didn't want to go home with those new wave girls because, as he said verbatim, "I almost got brain damage because you two party too hard."
  • Jason: Please! Come on!
  • Paul: But no, he wouldn't cheat. That's what I think, in Stallone's mind, 'he's a good guy," because he won't fuck these new wave girls - he'll only fuck really good dancers. Like, he only - when he cheats, he only cheats up.